Office Manager - He is instrumental to the attorney in the delivery of his legal services. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering the telephones, appointment scheduling, maintaining the office's computer network and all attached workstations/peripheral devices, offering opinions to the attorney regarding new technological releases, to-wit: hardware, software, file formats, etc.; drafting and proofreading legal documents, i.e. Complaints, Lis Pendens, Hearing Requests, Deeds, Wills, Living Wills and Powers of Attorneys, DHEC Forms, Coversheets, et al.; preparing, scanning, e-mailing and snail-mailing a majority of the office's correspondence to clients, attorneys and judges; preparing and updating client Invoices and Receipts; organizing trial exhibits; assisting with the preparation of responses to Complaints and Discovery Requests; Opening, Organizing, Maintaining and Storing all case files; comparative online shopping for office staples, i.e. Ink, Toner, Paper, actual Staples, etc.; designing, maintaining and hosting this Website and, on occasion, even preparing meals. In short: he helps with Everything.
Gofer - He invaluably assists by running all office-related errands to the Post Office, Register of Deeds and the Local Courthouses, etc.
Our current part-time employee. Bookkeeper and performs miscellaneous tasks essential to office functionality.
Independent Contractors
Our Freelance Process Server. He is very good at his job and only charges $50 for process service. Contact us for his phone number.

Updated 12/18/2018